SRL-Z series vertical heating/cooling mixer
Cylinder body made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel .
Vane is made of high strength stainless steel .
Special designed cylinder body does self-cleaning well
The shaft is sealed up by special material sealing and oil-resistant & heat-resistant sealing .
Heating mixer has self-friction . Its heating type is electric or steam heating .
It's not easy for arch cover of cooling mixer to be out of shape .
Materials are well mixed by fast & slow rotation together .
It is mainly used for feeding, mixing, coloring and drying of various resins, polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC, etc. It can dry and volatilize before shaping of engineering plastics such as ABS and polycarbonate, etc. It can be used for mixing phenol aldehyde too.
It combines heating mixing and cooling mixing. Materials after heating mixing go into cooling mixer for cooling automatically. It exhausts remaining gases to avoid agglomerates.