ZSJ series automatic vacuum powder loader
Brief Introduction
It's developed by Fangli , referring to the German product. Air and powder are conveyed in low vacuum and separated by advanced filter. We have solved the problem that filter is easy jammed which happens with congeners in China for quite a long time.
The filter material is strong. It cleans dust well. Pressure loss is low. Extend strength is higher than 12n/mm2. Pressure loss is less than 350 Pa when filter volume reaches 2000-2500m3/m2qh. It leaches much better than other normal loaders. It's low noisy. It works stably.
It is widely applied for automatic conveying powder or powder/granule mixture in field of plastic, rubber, chemical, color, food and medicine, etc. The filter works well when CaCO3 is less than 50% in CaCO3 & PVC compounding.