YJC series oil heating controller
í˝ Replace various of heating methods because of even, tender and stable heating. Temperature control precision╩┐2íŠ
í˝ Working pressure is below 0.45MPa ,it can provide inner heat within 300íŠ
í˝ Heating efficiency> 90% , saving energy 30% at least compared with steam heating .
í˝ Very convenient to form a complete set and control . NO leakage .
No pollution
í˝ Safe running with complete control & inspect system.
í˝ Small investment, high efficiency, energy saving and low cost.
í˝ Plastics and rubber industries . Mould heating and insulation , mixed airtight refining , air refining , roll drawing , heating and pressing shaped .
í˝ Chemical and medicine industry : Polymerization concentration, distillation melting , thermal insulation and chemical reaction .
í˝ Grease industry Distillation, decomposition , concentration , and esterification
í˝Printing and dyeing of textiles industry.
í˝Carbonic products . Heat preservation for non-ferrous die-casting .
í˝ Timber, building material and grain processing industry:
Heat-press setting, heating.