MF SERIES board extrusion line
MF series PVC board extrusion line is compact structure, good plasticization, high output and long working life. Special design conical twin-screw extruder or parallel twin-screw extruder is equipped with imported AC motor inverter, meters and temperature controller so the line is good for high speed range, high temperature precision and easy operation. Downstream composes of vacuum table, haul-off, cutting and stacker. Enforced with big cooling device in vacuum table for effective vacuum sizing. The haul-off is caterpillar type equipped with imported gear box and inverter. It has strong structure, powerful traction force which makes traction stable. Cutting machine works in high precision. There's storage carrier to make transmission easy. There's special rubber protection to avoid damaging extruded profile. Downstream is controlled by PLC system which are able to achieve smooth and stable production.