PE-RT pipe extrusion line
JQ2S32G Coiler
í˝Double station.
í˝Inverter control.
í˝Automatic thread alignment.
í˝For high speed coiling.
DPQG63DT Knife Cutting
í˝ Dust free circular cutting
í˝ Super-silent cutting in high speed
PDQY63 Belt Haul-off
í˝ Up-down belt Pulling for small pipe in high speed.
í˝ Mechanical position limit to control pipe roundness.
PL-DD Spray Disk Calibration Sleeve
í˝To minimize contact area between disks and pipe to decrease scratch and conglutination.
í˝Pre-cooling bath and Water spray ring for small pipe in high speed.
SJ20X20B Single-screw Extruder
í˝ For 1-4 colour lines co-extrusion.
GZDL63-9 Vacuum Tank
í˝Double-room, vacuum controlled separately, for rapid cooling and sizing in high vacuum.
í˝To use support plate in high speed to control pipe roundness.
SJ60X33 A Single-screw Extruder
í˝Groove barrel and barrier screw.
í˝Good plasticization and homogenious melting.
í˝To avoid effect of back-pressure to convey material stably.
í˝Measurement of melt pressure and temperature.
í˝SIEMENS computer control.
GM63 Extrusion Die Head
í˝Melt be even changing direction twice the basket type die heed.
í˝Extrusion under low pressure in low temperature, not influenced by viscosity ,for wide application.