Waste Tire Recycling Equipment
Our equipment is fully automatic.  Through shredding, crushing and pelletizing, our equipment is able to break waste tires and other waste rubber products into small particulate.  During this process, the steel wire is separated from the rubber material and collected through a magnetic separator.  Meanwhile, we use cyclone separator to separate fiber from rubber granule.   This process is repeated until the wire and fiber are completely separated.  We use delivery device to deliver the crushed rubber particles to further milling and grading in a grinding machine.  The powder accuracy can reach 40 to 120 meshes.  Our complete set of recycling equipment is with PLC automatic control, but can also be flexibly configured according to customer requirements.
Recycled rubber powder can be used as the basis of renewable rubber material, which is widely used in auto parts, V-belt, etc.  Fiber extracted from tire, through pelletizing, can be used as the raw material of plastic products, such as wheel, accessories, etc.  Recycled steel wire can be used as raw material to produce steel products.
Hence, the waste tire recycling line can make full use of abandoned tires, greatly improving the resource utilization and reducing environmental pollution.