JZ series expanding air shaft fixes the core tube of basic matter through expanding and contracting of the expanding air keys which are controlled by the compressed air.

It is widely applied in the places where need rolling, such as plastic film, paper making and metal flake, etc.

1. Compact structure , light weight .
2. Convenient and simple operation .
3, Nice appearance coated chromate.
Order Requirement:
1. Customer can order different specifications of expanding air shaft to match customers' requirement.
2. The active part of the expanding air shaft is made on the basis of our standard. The other dimensions are made on the basis of customers' order. The drawings you provide should indicate the way of air inlet. If the air enters in radial way there must keep the length of 45mm to install the air valve. If in axial way, the outer diameter of the shaft terminal should be more than 35mm.
3. We can design and produce special specification and requirement of expanding air shaft if ordered.