HDPE/PP double-wall corrugated pipe extrusion line
We cooperate with German for HDPE/PP double-wall corrugated pipe extrusion line. There're two kinds of structure: shuttle and horizontal. There're high output extruders, flow distributer, spiral composite couple-channel extrusion die, corrugator, spray cooling tank, planetary cutting and stacker.

It has German IKV extrusion system. It's stable extrusion, good plasticization and high output. It's nitride and polishing on mould surface. There's thickness adjustment in mandrel for different material and stiffness. The adjustment, corrugator and corrugating moulds make vacuum sizing. It is double-layer socketing online. The corrugator can move in three dimensions. It has auto protection for sudden stop. Cutting works properly with tracking system. Control system is SIEMENS computer. It controls up and down parts separately with operation displays. There're pictures and charts. It has memory function to save corrugating technology and operation data.