RHJ series angle fusion machine
Application & feature
°Ů Workshop machine used to weld PE,PP same diameter elbow,90°„tee and cross,45°„,60°„Y-shape tee, elbow and straight pipe , etc.
°Ů Integrated structure design ,just change clamp while process different diameter fittings.
°Ů RHJ315-450Heating mirror and milling plate adopt rotary structure,RHJ630-1600 Heating mirror and milling plate movement adopt structure
°Ů Milling plate movement adopts safety switch control to avoid unexpected start, with single face milling function, double sharpen blade can be shift using.
°Ů Heating mirror coated PTFE layer, electrical thermometer ,display digital directly.
°Ů Electrical timer alert ,easy operation
°Ů Reliable performance ,easy control.

Option accessory
°ŮSpecial clamp for flange
°ŮSpecial clamp for fitting
°Ů45°„°Ę 60°„Y Tee clamp