RHD series butt fusion machine
Application & feature
Used in industrial fields and workshop to weld PP,PE pipe and/or fittings ,etc
It consists of machine body, milling plate , heating mirror , hydraulic station , tool stand and option spare parts etc.
Hydraulic system adopts international advanced compact structure , cylinder seal ring and quick joint nozzle all use Europpean brand parts , reliable pressure hold , easy operation.
Adopt electrical milling with single or double facing function . Milling blade adopts high quality tooling steel , double sharpen blade can be shift using .
Heating mirror surface is coated with PTFE , independent temperature control system , and directly digital display.
Machine body main parts adopt Al-alloy material , simple structure , easy operation .
Option accessory
Stub end device
Bend clamp
Independent clamp
Pressure accumulator
Electrical pulley (over RHD800)