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UPVC pipe extrusion line
Introduction£º UPVC63-S and UPVC110-S double-strand pipe extrusion line is developed base on advance European techn
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UHMW-PE pipe extrusion line
Introduction£º UHMW-PE pipe is a new kind of plastic pipe, wearable, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, low-tem
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PEHT CABLE PROTECTING pipe extrusion line
Introduction£º Pipe for cable protcection with high strength, aging-resistant, corrosion-resistant, good insulation
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CPVC pipe extrusion line
Introduction£º CPVC material is high strength, high-temperature-resistant, aging-resistant, corrosion-resistant, go
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PA11 NYLON ENGINEERING pipe extrusion line
Introduction£º It is use for production of PA11 engineering pipe, which has corrosion-resistance, abrasion-resistan
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SPVC hose extrusion line
Introduction£º It produce critical, innocuous and flexible hose by soft PVC material. It's applied as medical hose
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