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JQ-G Series double-station Coiler
Introduction£º JQ-G series double-station coiler is a newly designed product, which introduces advanced German tech
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GJLC serices roller heating/coling temperature regulator
Introduction£º Brief Introduction It is one new product for temperature adjustment of roller which is designed on
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YJC series oil heating controller
Introduction£º Feature ¡ñ Replace various of heating methods because of even, tender and stable heating. Temperatur
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MC series mould temperature controller
Introduction£º Feature ¡ñThere¡¯s high efficiency mini hot water pump or mini oil pump in the machine. It's reliable
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LS series cold water machine
Introduction£º Feature ¡ñ The compressor and main cooling part are imported. It is composed of single machine or do
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LSZ series chiller unit
Introduction£º Feature ¡ñSmall , low noisy, high energy . long life and easy operation . ¡ñThere's one 5:6 high eff
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