A little history

Our Team
Pooling of talents originating from the care for humanity

Fangli believes that talents is a very important resource and capital for the corporation`s survive, development and expansion. So Fangli sticks to the talent management principle ¡°use whatever¡± ,¡°use whose best ¡± and advocates managing concept of the ¡°people-oriented ¡± to offer a great platform for its employees.

The Group establishes its strong talent system through high efficient
stimulation system, improving wider developing scope for talents, and giving
more autonomy for talents and more opportunities for their self-improvement.

The corporation boasts such a dynamic team whose attitude is sincere, whose
ideal is forever and whose action is practical. They are industrial, they are
conscientious ,they are competent and they are full of wisdom and they never

stop in making progress to create a more brilliant future.

Administration ¡ª A large platform for remarkable achievements
R&D ¡ªThe focusing of innovation is the one of the most competitive advantage
Sales & Marketing ¡ªThe greatest selling-mode is to help clients by heart
Service¡ªWhenever,wherever and whatever,we are here for you
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